Quantum Physics: Three Mind-Boggling Discoveries

Join Sideprojects on a mind-bending journey through the world of quantum physics, as he explores the true nature of particles, the observer effect, entanglement, and the practical applications of quantum computing.

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IoT Maker Raspberry Pi

How to Hacking Your Garage Door with the Raspberry Pi Pico W

A high tech solution to not leaving the garage door open all day! Here’s the open source Raspberry Pi Pico W garage door sensor project, with instructions for how you can set up the same thing at your house: https://github.com/geerlingguy/pico-w-garage-door-sensor

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AI Generative AI Video Production

What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Writes a Video

Kyle Hill explores what happens when he lets an AI write his script. How does deep learning work? What is a neural network? What happens if I let an A.I. write a science video and say whatever it spits out?

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Natural Language Processing

Intro to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This course provides an introduction to the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a focus on sentiment analysis and text classification using artificial neural networks. In this lesson, we’ll get introduced to the field of Natural Language Processing, otherwise known simply as NLP.

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INFOHAZARDS: Things No One Should Know

Are there things no one should know? Is more information always good? Or will some knowledge almost certainly lead to the end of civilization?

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How To Self Study Technical Things

If you’re in the technology field or looking to break into the technology field, then you should know this simple fact. This is a not a field for those who hate learning. It is, however, an ideal field for anyone who is always curious. That having been said, most people find learning tedious, thanks to […]

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Career Interesting

How to learn things

The technology field is not a field for people who do not like to continuously learn. Case in point: I started my career writing Visual Basic 3 apps and Perl CGI scripts, neither technology would be recognizable to modern IT departments. Fellow extreme learner and video creator, Adam Saxton shares his techniques for staying ahead […]

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