AI Economics of AI Ethics

How AI Impacts the Practice of Law

AI is impacting many professions today, with the fastest impact found in areas where vast information needs to be sifted and synthesized, and where there is an importance placed on precision — as in the practice of law. In this video, attorney, professor, and IBM SkillsBuild advocate April Dawson explains how AI is already being […]

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AI Economics of AI Large Language Models

How to Summarize Legal Docs like a Pro with Mixtra’s RAG Pipeline

This video from Mervin Praison shows that the legal profession will never be the same Post-AI. Welcome to an innovative journey in the legal tech world! In today’s video, I’m thrilled to show you how to create a chatbot that can summarize and query legal documents. This is a game-changer for lawyers and legal professionals, […]

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Why Disney’s Most Iconic Character is entering the Public Domain (Lawyer Explains)

Corridor Crew‘s lawyer Jake explains why after 95 years, the copyright in Mickey Mouse is entering the public domain and why Disney is going to do nothing about it.

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AI Generative AI

A Lawyer Explains Stable Diffusion Lawsuit

See why the glory days of AI art may already be over in this video is from Corridor Crew. The recent class-action lawsuit brought against Stability Ai has major implications for how ai generated art will move forward, but the most interesting thing is that the case hasn’t even gotten to the real issue… yet.

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Covid Pandemic Interesting

What’s Inside 3M N95 Respirator Masks?

There’s a lot of talk about making masks to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus in the midst of a shortage of N-95 masks. But what’s so special about them? electronicsNmore takes a peak inside a 3M type N95 respirator mask that makes it such a successful filter for all types of particulate matter such […]

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