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AI Large Language Models Security

Universal and Transferable Adversarial Attacks on Aligned Language Models Explained

This video from Gabriel Mongaras talks about attacks against LLMs. With the popularity of LLMs and the rush to implement them, security concerns are often thought of last, if at all. If history is any guide, then this will not end well. Paper found here: Demo here:

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AWS Generative AI

How to Use Amazon SageMaker to Build Generative AI Applications

Learn how to fine-tune and deploy large language and vision models on Amazon SageMaker to build your generative AI applications. We explore popular generative AI use cases such image generation, search, chat, and document summarization. Join our experts for a deep dive conversation and interactive demo.

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AI Large Language Models

How does ChatGPT run on Azure? Inside Microsoft’s AI supercomputer

Get an inside look at the AI supercomputer infrastructure built to run ChatGPT and other large language models, and see how to leverage it for your workloads in Azure, at any scale. Go behind the scenes in this video is from Microsoft Mechanics: For how we collaborated with NVIDIA to deliver purpose-built AI infrastructure with […]

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AI Developer Large Language Models

How To Install GPT-Engineer👨‍💻- Build ENTIRE Apps With One Prompt! (Quick Setup Guide)

In this video, Matthew Berman shows you how to install and use GPT Engineer, which is a new project on the top of the GitHub trending repos that allows you to enter a prompt and build an entire codebase project easily. It’s very impressive and already better than Smol Developer.

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AI Large Language Models Research

Unlock 🚀 900% Logic & Reasoning Improvement with New Prompt (GPT-4)

In this video, Matthew Berman reviews a recently published paper from Google Deepmind and Princeton that describes a new prompting technique to achieve far greater accuracy on logic and reasoning problems with ChatGPT (GPT-4). I’ll also show you how to install and run code implementing this technique. Links: Paper – GitHub –

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Google Large Language Models

Prototyping language apps with Generative AI Studio

Did you know generative AI allows developers to prototype applications quickly? In this video is from Google Cloud Tech learn how developers can quickly explore and customize AI models that can be leveraged in Google Cloud applications. Watch along and see how developers, with the right tools, can experiment with new ideas in minutes instead […]

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AI Red Hat

How to Build Enterprise-Ready Foundation Models

Building a trustworthy and efficient, high-performing foundation model requires care. IBM‘s Kate Soule walks us through each step of the AI pipeline.

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AI Economics of AI

Is This the First Anti-AI Strike? The Writers Guild of America Protests AI Writing

The Writers Guild of America is striking after not being able to come to an agreement with TV and film executives. At the heart of the matter is the use of AI, and many believe the issues at stake are broadly relevant for other industries as well. This video is from The AI Breakdown with […]

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Large Language Models Security

What is Prompt Injection?

This video is from LiveOverflow. How will the easy access to powerful APIs like GPT-4 affect the future of IT security? Keep in mind LLMs are new to this world and things will change fast. But I don’t want to fall behind, so let’s start exploring some thoughts on the security of LLMs.

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AI Generative AI

NVIDIA Reveals REVOLUTIONARY AI – Better Than GPT-4 And Midjourney V5

This video is from FutureNET. NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang just announced a set of revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence Models and Partnerships at GTC 2023. NVIDIA has always been one of, if not the most important company in the AI Industry by creating the most powerful AI hardware to date. Among them the A100 and future H100 […]

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