Rust On AWS?!

Learn about why you should consider the Rust language when using AWS Lambdas, especially when you need to minimize cold start times.

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Data Developer

How to Create Loops with Zero Coding with Excel’s Recursive Lambda

Leila Gharani explores new Excel LAMBDA Function further. [The Recursive Lambda function] allows you to create your own CUSTOM FUNCTION without any coding. In this tutorial we’ll take it to the next level and I’ll show you how you can create a RECURSIVE Lambda in Excel. This is a function that’s continuously looping through your […]

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Developer Microsoft

Is the New Lambda Function the Most Powerful Function Excel Has Ever had?

In this video find out how to use the brand new LAMBDA function in Microsoft Excel to build your own custom functions. 

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How to Build an Alexa Skill that Actually Works

Learn how to make an Alexa Skill in this programming tutorial. Understand the control flow of an Amazon Alexa application and discover how to create a voice user interface (VUI). Learn how to create a Lambda function with JavaScript, Node.js, and AWS.

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Azure Data Data Science

Kappa vs Lambda Architecture

Chris Seferlis describes some key differences between the Kappa and Lambda Architectures, advantages and disadvantages of each, and why you might choose one over the other on the Azure platform.

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Developer Mathematics

Lambda Calculus

Whether you realize it or not, lambda calculus has already impacted your world as a data scientist or a developer. If you’ve played around in functional programming languages like Haskell or F#, then you are familiar some of the same ideas. In fact, AWS’s serverless product is named Lambda after this branch of mathematics. Watch […]

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LAMBDA Functions: Powerful And Elegant Abstractions

From the EuroPython Conference July 2017, Anjana Vakil explains the beauty and simplicity of lambda functions.

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