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Networking Security

Free NMAP Network Scanner Tutorial

This video is from Revolution InfoSec. A full length tutorial which you can use to comprehensively learn how to use NMAP, the open source network scanner. You’ll learn first the fundamentals of the networking you need to know in order for network scanning to make sense.

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Hardware Networking Privacy

How to Build Your Own Cloud

This video from NetworkChuck shows us how to deploy and run your own hyper-secure file sharing platform, by downloading FileCloud’s Community Edition. Visit https://ntck.co/filecloud and download FileCloud Community Edition as a self-hosted solution, on your Windows or Linux servers or preferred IaaS provider (AWS, Azure). (no code required) In this video, NetworkChuck will walk you through […]

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the hacker’s roadmap (how to get started in IT in 2023)

This video is from NetworkChuck. Are you wanting to get started in IT in 2023? Do you want to become a Hacker? A Network Engineer? Cloud Engineer? System Administrator? In this video, NetworkChuck will show you the path to getting started in IT and Cybersecurity that will help you reach these goals.

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Privacy Security

Switch off your phone’s WiFi now!

Do you have your WiFi’s phone switched on even when you leave your home or work? Apparently that is a BIG mistake, watch this video to find out why.

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How to Hack Wifi from $1.80

Which adapters are the best for WiFi hacking? Kody of Null Byte and Hak5 fame gives us his advice on what to buy. You can purchase a monster antenna like the Tube U, or something smaller like the AWUS036NHA or WEMOS D1 Mini or WiFi Nugget. Lots of options for different price points.

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