jupyter notebook

AI Natural Language Processing

What’s new in Text Analytics for Health?

In this video, Ashly Yeo will demo the exciting announcement made at MS Build about What’s new in Text Analytics for Health.

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Data Science

Making Data Science Notebooks Collaborative

Jupyter notebook is now one of the most popular tools for data scientists, even though it is fairly difficult to work with it in a team setting. In this talk, explore how notebooks work under the hood and how we can build collaboration features to enable real-time editing.

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Better Web Scraping with Mechanical Soup

I wrote a lot of web scraping libraries back in the day in C#. I had considered porting my library to Python. Python Simplified discusses the benefits of using Mechanical Soup over Beautiful Soup for web scraping.

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Azure Machine Learning

Use AutoML in Python with Azure ML Services

Jon Wood shows us how to use AutoML in a Python Jupyter notebook from Azure ML Services. Notebook – https://github.com/jwood803/AzureMLExamples/blob/master/AutoML.ipynb Azure ML Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl_upHIj19Zy88ptd0MQdkxUBb0022-EK

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Deep Learning TensorFlow

Keras Prerequisites – Getting Started with Neural Networks

deeplizard has put together a course on how to use Keras. In this course, we will learn how to use Keras, a neural network API written in Python! In this episode, we discuss the prerequisites required to start working with Keras, why Keras is a good library to learn, and what resources you’ll have available […]

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AI Python

Use ML.NET in Python to Create a Linear Regression Model with NimbusML

Jon Wood demonstrates how to use ML.NET within Python by using the NimbusML package. This video also gives an example of creating a linear regression model. Notebook – https://github.com/jwood803/MLNetExamples/blob/master/MLNetExamples/Notebooks/NimbusML/Regression.ipynb NimbusML documentation – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/nimbusml/overview

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