Comparing MySQL and MongoDB

Database management systems (DBMS) are software tools that allow users to store, extract, and query large sets of data. IBM’s Martin Keen explores the key differences between two of the most popular varieties – MySQL and MongoDB – and explains how each got its unusual name.

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Natural Language Processing

Ramping up your custom NLP tasks with Verseagility

On this episode of the AI Show, Timm Walz joins Seth to talk about how ramping up your custom NLP tasks with Verseagility  will benefit your data science workflow. He’ll demonstrate how to use the toolkit in combination with Azure Machine Learning.

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REST API Concepts and Examples

As Data Science teams evolve and start producing models, the models will need to be deployed and exposed to other programs. Typically, this is done via  REST API. But exactly what it s a REST API? This video explores the concept in depth.

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JSON in Python

Socratica has a great video on how to use JSON in Python. Not only is the content great, but I see that I am not the only developer who loves VFX.

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