AI Interesting

Intel Vision 2024 Keynote (Highlights)

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and special guests delivered a keynote about the tangible outcomes AI can enable for businesses and what the future of enterprise AI looks like. Intel, Technology

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Raspberry Pi

Why RISC-V isn’t killing Arm (yet)

This video is from Jeff Geerling. The Mars CM is neat. But is it an adequate replacement for the Raspberry Pi CM4? Links: Mars CM: ARACE store: Mars CM test data: StarFive VisionFive 2 review:

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Hardware Raspberry Pi

How Can this Single Board Computer be Faster than a Mac Mini AND a Raspberry Pi?

I really need to spend some time with SBCs. There’s a lot of innovation there. This video from ServeTheHome highlights one particularly interesting SBC. This single-board computer integrates a 12-core processor, fast memory with in-band ECC support, lots of expandability, and even an integrated Arduino controller with GPIO pins. That makes the LattePanda Sigma a […]

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Hardware Interesting

The Story of the First Video Game Cartridge

Gaming Historian explains the origins of the video game cartridge. The humble cartridge is an icon in video game history. But where did it come from? Learn the story behind the first programmable home console – the Fairchild Channel F – and the team behind it. Why couldn’t Fairchild capitalize on this revolutionary idea and […]

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Quantum Computing

Introducing the Intel Quantum SDK

This video is from Intel. Quantum computing will change the world, tackling many of the challenges we face as humankind. The potential is there – but right now the computing power isn’t. Discover how Intel Quantum SDK through the Intel DevCloud is simulating the quantum world to prepare the next generation of experts.

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Quantum Computing

Intel Quantum Researchers Introduce Tunnel Falls Silicon Qubit Research Chip

This video is from Intel Newsroom. Intel’s #quantum researchers based in Hillsboro, Oregon, describe quantum computing and discuss the introduction of Tunnel Falls, #Intel’s newest and most advanced silicon spin qubit chip to date. Fabricated on 300-millimeter wafers, the 12-qubit device leverages Intel’s most advanced transistor industrial fabrication capabilities, such as extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) […]

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Future Hardware Research

Get the Inside Scoop on Neuromorphic Computing Part 1

Computer design has always been inspired by biology, especially the brain. In this episode of Architecture All Access – Mike Davies, Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab – explains the relationship of Neuromorphic Computing and understanding the principals of brain computations at the circuit level that are enabling next-generation intelligent devices […]

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AI Future

Is This the Future of AI?

In this video, Anastasia in Tech discusses Neuromorphic Computing and the Future of AI

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Linus has the time of his life

Linus heads back to the Israel Design Center Intel Fab and this time it’s a facility tour of the Validation Lab.

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