IBM’s Revolutionary Computer Chip is Pushing the Boundaries! 🔥

In this video Anastasi In Tech discusses New IBM’s Analog chip for Artificial Intelligence with IBM Staff Researcher Manuel Le Gallo-Bourdeau: The Paper: Thumbnail Image Credentials: IBM

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What is Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART)?

While red teaming evaluates an organization’s security stance at a specific time, it can prove costly and time-consuming. Enter Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART), a game-changing approach that revolutionizes red teaming in cybersecurity. In this video, Sam Hector explains how by operating seamlessly round-the-clock, CART tackles these challenges head-on, delivering dynamic and cost-effective security assessments […]

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Containers Red Hat

Containers at the Edge

IBM Developer Advocate Dan Kehn explains the importance of Containers at the Edge and how this helps us to bring tech out of the cloud and onto the devices we use every day in a scalable and secure way.

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AI Generative AI Red Hat

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI for Business

We are witnessing a fundamental shift in AI driven by self-supervision and by the ability to create foundation models that power generative AI. Join Darío Gil, SVP and Director of IBM Research as he demystifies the technology and shares a set of principles to guide your generative AI business strategy. Experience watsonx, IBM’s new data […]

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AI Red Hat

How to Add AI to Your Apps Faster with Embedded AI

Wondering what embeddable AI is, how one actually goes about embedding AI and where? In this video, Martin Keen talks about AI deployment, specifically how to deploy embeddable AI, and centers his discussion on the 2 major methods: containerized libraries and applications.

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Big Data Data Livestream Red Hat

Data Office Hours: Trino, S3 Select, & CEPH

Dive into Trino, S3 Select, and Ceph in this episode of Data Office Hours. Discover how to boost performance and cut costs by fetching ONLY what you need from S3 objects. Don’t miss these game-changing tips! 🚀 #DataOptimization

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Cybersecurity Modernization

Advances in AI are impacting many industry disciplines and cybersecurity is no different. The tried-and-true strategies for threat management and detection are evolving to take advantage of AI, making their approach more proactive. In this video from IBM Technology, Bob Kalka of presents the developing landscape of cybersecurity based on years of consulting with companies like […]

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NumPy vs SciPy

NumPy and SciPy are two Python libraries that on the surface, appear to overlap significantly, but there’s a reason: SciPy is actually built on top of NumPy. So where does SciPy add functionality beyond NumPy? In this video, Martin Keen explains how SciPy enhances NumPy by adding further functionality for more complex mathematical and scientific […]

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Data Privacy

What is Sovereign Cloud?

Sovereign cloud is a multi-factor consideration in your cloud adoption strategy. Where does your data reside? How are privacy and local laws respected with regard to sensitive data? Are cloud operations local, remote, or a mix? Are your processes and systems auditable? What’s the right balance between innovation and risk? In an evolving and complex […]

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FinTech Security

Hacking Through the Air | Contactless Payments and NFC

This video is from Sumsub. So, there’s a high probability that you’ve used a contactless payment method today, whether that’s for your morning ‘decaf soy latte with an extra shot’ or for the underground fare, it all depends on your daily routine and lifestyle. With solutions such as Apple Pay, our phones are basically becoming […]

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