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Developer Linux

How To Write Functions in Bash Script

This video is from Nir Lichtman.

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Developer Javascript

How To Make Fun Multi-Window Websites

You have no doubt seen some of these multi-window browser app demos that defy explanation. At first, I thought they were faked using VFX, but, apparently, they are real. This video from Wes Bos explains how they work. Code here:

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What’s the deal with Flatpak?

This video from Learn Linux TV explains how Flatpak is not just an Ikea thing. Linux software packaging has seen some interesting changes lately, especially with the rise of the “universal package”. Flatpak, one of the leading forms of the prominent universal package types has seen some confusion (and sometimes controversy) but in this video, […]

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Intro to Blazor in .NET 8 – SSR, Stream Rendering, Auto, and more…

This video is from IAmTimCorey. In .NET 8, Blazor has become a full-featured web framework that is modular and adaptable to your needs over time. In this video, we are going to look at how Blazor works now and how to utilize Server-Side Rendered (SSR) mode, Stream Rendering, Blazor Server components, Blazor WebAssembly components, and […]

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AI Video Production

Cascadeur – Is This the Future of Animation

This video from Grant Abbitt looks at the AI animation software Cascadeur. I’ve been working with it for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed the experience and feel that this could well be the future of the way we animate characters for games and films. let me know what you think.

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AI Large Language Models Python

How to Create a Large Language Model from Scratch with Python – Tutorial

Learn how to build your own large language model, from scratch in this video from This course goes into the data handling, math, and transformers behind large language models. You will use Python. ✏️ Course developed by @elliotarledge 💻 Code and course resources:

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