Home Automation

IoT Maker Speech and Voice

How to Add JARVIS to Home Assistant powered Smart Home

Here is a walkthrough of an audible notification system, and how this YouTuber built JARVIS using Home Assistant. Now, you will hear this multiple times, but this isn’t actually JARVIS in the Artificial Intelligence sense, but simply using JARVIS as the inspiration for my audible notifications. This system is heavy on the YAML and Jinja […]

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IoT Privacy

10 Indoor Security Cameras Tested to Protect Your Privacy

The Hook Up puts 10 indoor cameras to the test to figure out which one gives the most features while retaining your privacy. My top 3 choices for those without the ability (or desire) to block cameras from the internet: EufyCam Pan & Tilt (Ships June): https://www.eufylife.com/activities/indoorcampreorder  IoTeX UCAM (Ships July): https://ucam.iotex.io/  WyzeCam V2 (Shipping […]

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Home Automation IoT

Home Automation with Hubitat and .NET Core

Looking for a good DIY (Do It Yourself) IoT project? There are so many interesting things that we can do with a few components and a little creatively. In this video, Cam Soper comes on to show us how he automated his home with .NET Core, Hubitat, and Azure with his open source project called […]

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IoT Microsoft

Smart Home Automation with .NET Core and Azure

.NET Core isn’t just for web pages. Using live demos with commercially available home automation hardware, Cam Soper shows you how to use the advanced features of .NET Core to drive home automation logic at home or in the cloud.

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IoT Security

Cheap DIY WiFi Cameras & Cloud Free Home Automation

This time on Hak5, Glytch walks you through building your own cost effective and secure wireless cameras, as well as options for cloud-free home automation using Home Assistant. Interested in building some yourself? Check out his Github repo for the 3d printable models, config files and more!

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Home Automation IoT Windows

A Smart Pet Door Using Windows 10 IoT Core

  With Windows 10 IoT Core, you can build devices to make a better world not just for people, but also our furry friends . Here’s a project on how to build a Pet Recognition Door by connecting a webcam, infrared motion sensor, servo motors, and OpenCV facial recognition on a Minnowboard Max running Windows […]

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Alexa IoT

Smart Home Development with Alexa

Here’s a promo video for Alexa Smart Home development. It looks intriguing and Alexa auch versteht deutsch. (also understands German).

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Home Automation IoT Raspberry Pi

Making a Smart Security Camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero

In this video, Hacker House shows how to take a a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Raspberry Pi camera to make a smart security camera! The camera uses object detection (with OpenCV) to send you an email whenever it sees an intruder. It also runs a webcam so you can view live video from […]

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