Why is the DOS path length 260 bytes?

Larry Oosterman takes us waaaaay back in today’s #OneDevQuestion – and he explores why the DOS path length was set to 260 bytes.

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Could This Be The Next Air Force One? – Hermeus

This video is from Real Engineering.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models Natural Language Processing Neural Networks

How Neural Networks Learned to Talk | ChatGPT: A 30 Year History

This video from Art of the Problem explores the journey of language models, from their modest beginnings through the development of OpenAI’s GPT models & hints at Q* / Google Gemini. Our journey takes us through the key moments in neural network research involved in next word prediction. We delve into the early experiments with […]

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FORTRAN in 100 Seconds

Fortran is the world’s first high-level procedural programming language developed at IBM in the 1950’s. It made programming accessible to the average human and is still used today for scientific computing.

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Meet the inventor of the electronic spreadsheet | Dan Bricklin

Dan Bricklin changed the world forever when he codeveloped VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet and grandfather of programs you probably use every day like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Join the software engineer and computing legend as he explores the tangled web of first jobs, daydreams and homework problems that led to his transformational invention.

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A Brief History of Computer Viruses

For nearly 50 years, computers have been getting infected with worms and viruses, programs designed to spread from machine to machine. In this video, we take a look at how these digital diseases got their start, alongside more unique examples of self-replicating software.

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Hardware Interesting

Colossus – The Greatest Secret in the History of Computing

Chris Shore talks about Colossus, how it came to be, how it worked and how it changed the course of World War II.

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The Weird History of Linux

Why are there so many Linux distros? Take a brief journey through the history of Linux to understand hundreds of different distros exist today

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The Mystery Flaw of Solar Panels

Real Engineering explores a flaw of solar panels.

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