GTC Keynote: Don’t Miss This Transformative Moment in AI

Come experience Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote live on-stage at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA to explore the AI advances that are shaping our future.

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AI Hardware

What is Nvidia CUDA?

Fireship explains CUDA in 100 seconds. What is CUDA? And how does parallel computing on the GPU enable developers to unlock the full potential of AI? Learn the basics of Nvidia CUDA programming in this quick tutorial.

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AI Networking

something is slowing down AI.

Dive into the heart of the AI networking battleground where the demand for speed and efficiency tests the limits of technology. This video from NetworkChuck unravels the complexities of training AI models, highlighting the network bottlenecks that slow down progress and how innovations like RDMA, RoCE, ECN, and PFC are pivotal in the quest for […]

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AI Research

NVIDIA’s New AI Is 20x Faster…But How?

This video is from Two Minute Papers. The papers are available here:

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AI Large Language Models

What Makes Large Language Models Expensive?

Amidst the buzz surrounding the promising capabilities of large language models in business, it’s crucial not to overlook a practical concern: cost. In this video, Jessica Ridella, Jessica Ridella, IBM’s Global Sales Leader for the generative AI platform, delves into seven pivotal factors crucial for understanding generative AI in the enterprise. She explores elements […]

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AI Neural Networks

Transposed Convolutions in Neural Networks – Interactive Demo App

This video is from deeplizard. Transposed convolutions are a particular type of upsampling technique often used in neural networks, particularly GANs. Just like other upsampling techniques, transposed convolutions increase the size of data. For image data, transposed convolutions are used to increase image dimensions. Use the interactive demonstration below to gain a better understanding of […]

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AI Generative AI

Upsampling in Neural Networks – Interactive Demo App

This video is from deeplizard. In deep learning, upsampling is a technique used to increase the size of data. For image data, upsampling is used to increase image dimensions. It does this by inferring values for the newly introduced pixels in the upsampled output space from the original image input. Use the interactive demonstration below […]

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AI Developer Hardware

CUDA Simply Explained – GPU vs CPU Parallel Computing for Beginners

In this tutorial, Python Simplified talks about CUDA and how it helps us accelerate the speed of our programs. By the end of this video – we will install CUDA and perform a quick speed test comparing the speed of our GPU with the speed of our CPU. We will create 2 extremely large data […]

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AI Data Driven Red Hat

Creating a Home Lab, Speaking, and an Upcoming Webinar

In today’s episode, Andy Leonard and I catch up on their recent activities, including my presentation at the Red Hat Summit Connect. They discuss the event and the focus on AI and government agencies. Frank also shares his experiences with a new product called Ansible Lightspeed with Watson code assist, which is enhancing the use […]

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