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OpenAI ChatGPT: The Future Is Here!

Two Minute Papers examines ChatGPT more closely.

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The Insanely Creative Combination of ChatGPT + Midjourney V4

This year has been a year of creative AI innovation. What happens when we bring all these tools together? Here’s a showcase of what’s possible when you use both ChatGPT + Midjourney V4. Today I wanted to show what you can do if you combine ChatGPT and Midjourney V4 with some clever prompt engineering to […]

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OpenAI’s New AI: Video Game Addict No More! 🤖

Two Minute Papers cover the paper “Efficient Training of Language Models to Fill in the Middle” in the following video.

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Ameca conversation using GPT 3 – Will robots take over the world?

This Ameca demo couples automated speech recognition with GPT 3 – a large language model that generates meaningful answers – the output is fed to an online TTS service which generates the voice and visemes for lip sync timing.

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What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Writes a Video

Kyle Hill explores what happens when he lets an AI write his script. How does deep learning work? What is a neural network? What happens if I let an A.I. write a science video and say whatever it spits out?

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Is This the Worst AI Ever?

GPT-4chan was trained on over 3 years of posts from 4chan’s “politically incorrect” (/pol/) board. (and no, this is not GPT-4) You can imagine what it learned. Maybe we need to be better people so that we can make sure our AI overlords will have better behavior to model.

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