Azure DevOps

Learn How to Automate Azure infrastructure change reviews by using Bicep and GitHub

In this video is from Microsoft Developer, learn how to Run automatic checks during a pull request. Determine how you want to create ephemeral environments in your Azure environment. Create ephemeral environments within pull requests.

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Developer DevOps

How to Manage multiple environments by using Bicep and GitHub Actions

Microsoft Developer posted this video which teaches you Deploy Bicep files to multiple Azure environments from a workflow Use reusable workflows to avoid repetition Use and secure parameters for each environment

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How to use GitHub Codespaces to Improve Student Learning

Join GitHub Education PM Juan Pablo Flores Cortés as he speaks with Noah Gift, Founder of Pragmatic AI Labs, about the benefits of using GitHub Codespaces to provide a better learning experience for students, and Alfredo Deza and Sara Gibbons, Sr. Academic Cloud Advocates at Microsoft, about the availability of templates, videos, and step-by-step resources […]

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Open Source

Complete Guide to Open Source – How to Contribute

Learn why and how to contribute to open source software. Learn about how to find projects to contribute to, how to make issues and PRs, how to make money from open source, and more. Course Contents: (00:00) Introduction (01:11) What is Open Source (01:46) Why you should care about Open Source (04:06) What is Git […]

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

How to create a Cryptocurrency RIGHT NOW

In this video, NetworkChuck walks you through how to create your own cryptocurrency token on the Solana blockchain.

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Power Apps

Power Platform Showcased on the 100th Episode of Hello World

In this 100th episode, April Dunnan and other experts to explore Power Platform. What it is. Who can use it and how to get started.

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