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Unlocking Potential: Marketing Brilliance in a Neurodiverse World

In my latest live stream, Candace Gillhoolley joins me as we dive deep into the convergence of technology and marketing, the transformative influence of data, and the often-overlooked potential of neurodiverse individuals in this evolving landscape. Candace, a seasoned marketer with extensive experience in publishing and technology, shares insights about her new LinkedIn newsletter, “Tech […]

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AI Microsoft

How to Extend Copilot for Sales with custom data and insights from your own apps

This video is from Microsoft Mechanics. Optimize the sales process by integrating internal and external data with Copilot for Sales. Create enriched email summaries, customized meeting prep documents, and actionable meeting recaps to improve customer interactions. Copilot uses AI to generate insights and suggest actions based on comprehensive data, ensuring sales teams have all the […]

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AI Generative AI

Why Does Diffusion Work Better than Auto-Regression?

This video is from Algorithmic Simplicity. Have you ever wondered how generative AI actually works? Well the short answer is, in exactly the same as way as regular AI! In this video I break down the state of the art in generative AI – Auto-regressors and Denoising Diffusion models – and explain how this seemingly […]

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AI Google

Google I/O ’24 in under 10 minutes

Watch the recap from Google to catch up on the latest news, announcements, and AI updates from Google I/O ’24.

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AI Large Language Models

How to Run 70Bn Llama 3 Inference on a Single 4GB GPU

This video is from Rohan-Paul-AI. Code : Airllm Github –

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AI Interesting Large Language Models

How Google Killed this Million-Dollar Business

Is ChatGPT the new Google? Find out how AI is reshaping the internet and what it means for the future.✋ Stay connected This video is from Programming with Mosh.

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AI Data Driven

AI on the Rise: Innovations, Debates, and the Future of Tech

This video from FranksWorldTV‘s newest show. Sources OpenAI expands its custom model training program: DataStax acquires the startup behind low-code AI builder Langflow: secures $70M funding to introduce a multimodal GenAI chip: Debate on AI regulation heats up: Meta brings generative AI to ads:

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AI Generative AI

Generative AI Hackathon – Sign Up Today

This video is from Microsoft Developer. Calling All AI Chefs to the Kitchen! Head on over to to sign up for the hackathon and do some of your own AI cooking.

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AI Robotics

Nvidia 2024 AI Event: Everything Revealed in 16 Minutes

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang kicks off its GTC keynote in San Jose with a slew of AI infused chip announcements. Check out CNET‘s recap below.

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