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Happy Birthday Frank’s World TV

Today, I recorded a very special Frank’s World TV Live at the Frank’s World Monument in Germantown, MD. Well, it’s not really decorated in honor of Frank’s World, but I can dream. Inspired by the momentous occasion of me uploading the very first video of FWTV to YouTube on this...

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Introducing FWTV Live

If you’ve subscribed to Frank’s World TV on Facebook, you have probably noticed that I’ve been creating a lot of live streams lately. After much experimentation, I now present Frank’s World TV Live

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Dogs React to Fine Brothers React World

YouTube Moguls the Fine Brothers have recently found themselves in a fine mess. They quickly backpedaled on their push to trademark the term React and the overall format of their popular shows. I wonder what they’d think of this and will they try to take it down like they have...

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Wearable Tech with a Social Conscience, Personal Networks, and the Business Value of IoT

#IoT Minute Show Notes @wtvox Wearable tech combines style with a social conscience http://goo.gl/QEl7gI #IoT #WearableTech @goinvo Why personal networks are tomorrow’s internet of things | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1o6RmR7 #IoT @jeffbarr Congratulations to the Winners of the Hackster #AWS #IoT Mega Contest – http://amzn.to/1RtzGKy @MicrosoftIoT Build on your existing tech assets,...