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Happy Birthday Frank’s World TV

Today, I recorded a very special Frank’s World TV Live at the Frank’s World Monument in Germantown, MD. Well, it’s not really decorated in honor of Frank’s World, but I can dream. Inspired by the momentous occasion of me uploading the very first video of FWTV to YouTube on this...


Introducing FWTV Live

If you’ve subscribed to Frank’s World TV on Facebook, you have probably noticed that I’ve been creating a lot of live streams lately. After much experimentation, I now present Frank’s World TV Live


Dogs React to Fine Brothers React World

YouTube Moguls the Fine Brothers have recently found themselves in a fine mess. They quickly backpedaled on their push to trademark the term React and the overall format of their popular shows. I wonder what they’d think of this and will they try to take it down like they have...


Wearable Tech with a Social Conscience, Personal Networks, and the Business Value of IoT

#IoT Minute Show Notes @wtvox Wearable tech combines style with a social conscience http://goo.gl/QEl7gI #IoT #WearableTech @goinvo Why personal networks are tomorrow’s internet of things | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1o6RmR7 #IoT @jeffbarr Congratulations to the Winners of the Hackster #AWS #IoT Mega Contest – http://amzn.to/1RtzGKy @MicrosoftIoT Build on your existing tech assets,...