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Top 10 Weapons of the Future

From interstate highways to the internet, defense technologies tend to drive innovation.  That’s been the case for most of human history and, if this video is any indication, then that’s something that’s going to change anytime soon.

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When the Robots Take All the Jobs

What will happen when the Jobocalypse (aka when AI takes over all the jobs) happens? How will societies adapt? How will economies function? Will governments be able to tax the output of virtual laborers? We are headed into some interesting, if not dangerous, unprecedented waters.  Buckle up, it’s about to...

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Annapolis Startup is taking Alexa to the Next Level

An Annapolis startup is taking the Magic Mirror and Alexa to the next level by combining the two. Cofounders KC Beard and Max Randall are rolling out a product called the Daptly Display that adds new features around the voice control assistant. They developed the idea while attending college together....

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Deadly Truth of General AI

General AI refers to the kind of artificial intelligence that can learn, reason, and perform tasks very much in the same way that humans do. AI will most certainly take your job away, but will they turn deadly as sci-fi moves have led us to believe.  ComputerPhile takes a closer...

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8 Amazing Uses of VR That Will Blow Your Mind

I’ve long been a fan of VR and have weathered through the many false starts through the years.  From VRML to Adobe Atmosphere, I’ve been on this bus before. However, this time there’s a difference and, no, it’s not the obvious improvements in processing power and lower costs. This time,...