23 AI Tools You Won’t Believe are Free

This video is from Futurepedia. After 8 months of experimenting with AI tools, I’ve narrowed my list down to the best free ai tool for every use case.

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Secure Your Data Now – Download This Free CyberSecurity Tool

This video is from NetworkChuck. In this video, we discuss the best free cybersecurity tool you need to try: Wazuh. This open-source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is the ultimate tool to help you protect your devices and networks like a cybersecurity expert. We’ll show you how to deploy Wazuh, monitor changes to […]

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Data Science

Stanford’s FREE data science book and course are the best yet

This video from Python Programmer explores Stanford’s free data science book and course.

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Interesting Windows

10 Free Software You Probably Didn’t Know Existed! 2022

In this video, take a look at the 10 lesser-known free programs that just might be useful for you. Some of which were recommended by viewers in the comments in prior videos. All are available for Windows, with some available for macOS and Linux as well.

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Data Science Machine Learning

These 9 free courses are better than most paid for ones on Data Science & Machine Learning

Highlighted selection of free data science and machine learning courses.

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How to Learn from Free University Courses

In this video, students Seth Goldin and Sam Crombie discuss learning on the web, methods for choosing a topic and course, tips to consider when conducting your audit, and more!

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C++ FULL COURSE For Beginners (Learn C++ in 10 hours)

This is a full C++ programming course. It consists of many lectures whose goal is to take you from beginner to advanced programming level. Time stamps: 00:00:00 – Introduction, Goals of the course, How course is structured? 00:01:31 – Do this before starting the course 00:02:41 – Introduction to C++ (What is C++? What kind […]

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How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported CPU & TPM 1.2

In this step-by-step tutorial by Kevin Stratvert, learn how to install Windows 11 on a PC even if your CPU is not officially supported. Officially, Windows 11 requires an Intel 8th Generation and beyond CPU. You also need TPM 2.0. If you try to upgrade with an older CPU or TPM 1.2, you’ll get an […]

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