It’s time to ditch microSD

This video is from Jeff Geerling. Are microSD cards days numbered on Raspberry Pi 5? Raspberry Pi has a new M.2 HAT for the Pi 5, but there are many others. Which one’s best?

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AI Apple Machine Learning

MLX Tutorial: Apple’s Bold Move in Machine Learning Arena!

Discover the power of MLX, the new package from Apple’s Machine Learning team! In this video, Mervin Praison explores how MLX enables your Mac computer to run large language models more efficiently. Get ready to dive into the world of efficient and flexible machine learning with MLX.

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Innovative Solar Power Generator – Portable & Quiet Energy

This video is from Exploring Alternatives. In this video we’re checking out a portable solar power generator prototype that has 3 kW of solar panels integrated into the walls of a covered trailer. Inside there’s a battery bank, a charge controller, and an inverter, as well as some electrical outlets to make charging easy. This […]

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