Google Interesting

Exclusive Interview: YouTube’s CEO Shares Candid Thoughts on the Platform | The Circuit with Emily Chang

Emily Chang speaks with YouTube CEO Neal Mohan about the creator economy, staying atop the AI wave and transforming the platform into the world’s biggest streamer.

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How Brands Can Use AI To A Better Customer Experience

This video is from Forbes. On this panel at Imagination In Action’s ‘Forging the Future of Business with AI’ Summit industry experts discuss how entrepreneurs and brands can use AI to make their customer’s experiences with the brand better.

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FinTech Privacy

The TRUTH about Bank Privacy

This video is from Naomi Brockwell TV. Financial privacy has practically vanished over the last 50 years. Most people are in denial about it, and still believe that their relationship with their bank or their credit union is confidential — the reality couldn’t be further from that. In this video we walk you through the […]

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AI Science

Why Nvidia, Google And Microsoft Are Betting Billions On Biotech’s AI Future

As language models like ChatGPT and Gemini have ushered in a new age of AI in Silicon Valley, the world’s most powerful tech companies are looking ahead to drug discovery and digital biology. This video is from Forbes and there’s an accompanying article.

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AI Startups

Discover the Revolutionary AI Full Body-MRI Startup That Secured $21 Million in Funding

This video is from Forbes. Bryan Johnson is the self-proclaimed “most measured person in human history.” Johnson, who became a millionaire selling his online payments startup to PayPal for $800 million, is the new poster boy for an old Silicon Valley obsession: “biohacking” your body to extend your lifespan. He takes routine measurements of everything […]

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AI Ethics

The messy process of regulating AI | AI: Promise or Peril

With the recent boom in generative AI tools and commercial use of AI, governments around the world are rushing to make sense of the technology and regulate it. In the US, discussions have been ongoing with the world’s most powerful people. But what will it take to get more governance around the technology?

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

This GPT agent is every scammer’s worst nightmare

Yesterday, you saw me build a custom GPT agent on a livestream. Now check out this anti-scammer agent that David Ondrej built. Try the GPT yourself – The GitHub Repo –

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How This Huge Bet on Blockchain Could Change A $50 Trillion Industry

This video is from Bloomberg Originals. Blockchain may one day eliminate inefficiencies and lack of transparency in supply chains. While slow in coming, this revolution would benefit not only customers and brands, but the “invisible” workers who power global trade.

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AI Microsoft

Microsoft & OpenAI CEOs: Dawn of the AI Wars

This video is from Bloomberg Originals. On this episode of The Circuit, Emily Chang sits down with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to hear how AI is shaking up the competition for search. Nadella argues that this new wave of technology is as big as the web browser or the iPhone. Chang also speaks with OpenAI […]

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How to Perform Financial Data Analysis with Python, Pandas, and NumPy

que8 shows us how to unleash the power of Python for financial data analysis with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a finance professional aiming to boost your data analysis skills, a data science enthusiast, or an aspiring analyst, this video will equip you with the necessary tools to excel in financial data analysis using Python.

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