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Why Elon Musk Became Twitter’s Largest Shareholder

By now you most certainly have heard that Elon Musk becoming the largest shareholder in Twitter and has earned himself a spot on their board. What and why did this happen and what can we expect next?

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Meta Loses $230 billion – the Biggest Company Loss in Its History

It was not a good week for Facebook. It’s too early to count them out.

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The Town That Facebook Built

How Facebook’s headquarters went from a Harvard dorm room to a vast campus and what does that mean for the future of community development?

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The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet

The robots of science-fiction are getting closer to science fact every day.

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Kevin Systrom on Instagram

Kevin Systrom is the co-founder and former CEO of Instagram and he sits down with Lex Fridman, Time stamps: 0:00 – Introduction 0:22 – Origin of Instagram 42:29 – New social networks 1:01:34 – Selling Instagram to Facebook 1:24:36 – Features 1:28:42 – Facebook 2:05:24 – Whistleblower 2:16:43 – Machine learning 2:26:41 – Advice for […]

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Scientists Reverse Blindness with CRISPR Technology

CRISPR Gene editing therapy is used for the first time in living humans with amazing results. Time stamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:53 What is CRISPR? 2:05 How Does CRISPR work? 3:18 The Experiment 5:30 The Results 9:31 Shortcomings 10:34 The Future 12:00 Caution 13:02 Conclusions

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Why Was Facebook Down for Five Hours?

Facebook was down for five hours last week. What happened and what do DNS and BGP have to do with it? Time stamps: 0:00 DNS 7:13 Caching DNS 10:34 Hop-by-hop routing 14:07 Default-free routing 18:28 Peering 19:50 BGP 26:08 The outage

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Why Did Facebook Fail?

Just what was it that took Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp offline on 4th October 2021? – Dr Steve Bagley investigates.

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How Apple Tried to Make the iPhone in 1993

People today assume that every product Apple makes (or ever made) was an outstanding success. That wasn’t always the case. A prime example of this was the Apple Newton, which serves as a cautionary tale for not commercializing a technology before its time.

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