Video Production

What is Shutter Speed and How Has It Changed?

Captain Disillusion explains shutter speed and how digital technology changed it all.

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2023’s Biggest Breakthroughs in Biology and Neuroscience

This video from Quanta Magazine highlights the biggest breakthroughs in biology and neuroscience.

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Interesting Mathematics Science

The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math

This video is from Quanta Magazine. Leslie Lamport revolutionized how computers talk to each other. The Turing Award-winning computer scientist pioneered the field of distributed systems, where multiple components on different networks coordinate to achieve a common objective. (Internet searches, cloud computing and artificial intelligence all involve orchestrating legions of powerful computing machines to work […]

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What is a webhook?

This video is from Red Hat Ansible Automation.

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The Genius Design of Apple Park

This video from neo highlights the vision and story behind Apple Park.

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The Biggest Project in Modern Mathematics

In a 1967 letter to the number theorist André Weil, a 30-year-old mathematician named Robert Langlands outlined striking conjectures that predicted a correspondence between two objects from completely different fields of math. The Langlands program was born. In a new video explainer, Rutgers University mathematician Alex Kontorovich takes us on a journey through the continents […]

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