Interesting Mathematics

Millennium Problems: Math’s Million Dollar Bounties

For those not willing to roll the dice that their mathematical discoveries will be important enough to earn one of these large cash rewards, there is good news. There are a number of specific math problems for which there is a cash bounty given to the first person to solve them. The most famous of […]

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Quantum Computing

What are the Applications of Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is the future. Here’s an interesting interview about the applications of quantum computing. Each month, I’ll be having a chat with some key people from the Quantum Computing World, to learn more about it, bit by bit..

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AI Generative AI Video Production

What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Writes a Video

Kyle Hill explores what happens when he lets an AI write his script. How does deep learning work? What is a neural network? What happens if I let an A.I. write a science video and say whatever it spits out?

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INFOHAZARDS: Things No One Should Know

Are there things no one should know? Is more information always good? Or will some knowledge almost certainly lead to the end of civilization?

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