Apple Privacy

Why You Should Turn This on if you use iCloud!

This video is from Naomi Brockwell TV. Thanks to powerful marketing, privacy is something we’ve come to immediately associate with Apple. But your iCloud is probably NOT as private as you think. Last year, Apple added E2EE for iCloud backups, with a tool called “Advanced Data Protection”. This setting means that your documents, photos, and […]

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Quantum Computing Security

Q-Day Is Coming: Quantum Computers Will Decode National Secrets

This video is from Sabine Hossenfelder. Some recent headlines have been touting that Q-Day is coming potentially as soon as 2025. What is Q-Day? Well, it’s the day when quantum computers will be able to crack the current encryption protocols that we use on the internet. How big of a threat is Q-Day really? And […]

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Don’t Be Forced to Use Google’s Proxy – Build Your Own

This video is from NetworkChuck. Google’s Proxy Thing in Chrome: Yep, Google’s mixing things up by adding a proxy right inside Chrome. Is this the future of browsing? Let’s find out. Proxy vs. VPN: Heard of VPNs? Well, proxies are a bit different. We’ll break down what’s what and which you might wanna use. DIY […]

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Privacy Security

How Some Governments Eliminate HTTPS/TLS Encryption!

This video is from Rob Braxman Tech. Our ability to communicate privately is under siege from multiple fronts. While the Five Eye countries seek to bypass end-to-end encryption, some countries already eliminate even STANDARD WEB encryption. So depending on who you’re communicating with there’s already someone watching. This video explains how they do it and […]

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Better than Netflix? Jellyfin on a NAS

Jellyfin’s an awesome open source home media server. In this video, Jeff Geerling shows us how he uses it to organize my movies and TV shows.

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AI Data Mathematics Privacy Security

How to Safely Share Secrets: Homomorphic Encryption in Open Source Explained

Ever wondered how your data can be computed without being exposed? Sounds impossible, right? Dive into the world of Homomorphic Encryption, the groundbreaking technique that promises data privacy like never before! In this video, we’ll decode the complexities of this encryption method and explore its significance in the open-source realm. Whether you’re a cryptography enthusiast, […]

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Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Artificial Intelligence

This video is from Samuel Bosch where he discusses his PhD work on Quantum Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Shor’s Quantum Factoring Algorithm for breaking RSA Security, and the Future of Quantum Computing I talk about my PhD research at MIT in Quantum Artificial Intelligence. I also explain the basic concepts of quantum computers, and why they are […]

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How to Encrypt Your DNS and STOP Your ISP SNOOPING!

This video is from Naomi Brockwell: NBTV. We presume what we search for on the internet stays private. But you might be leaking all of your internet activity through something called a DNS request. It’s possible that every site you want to visit is being collected and sold by your ISP, or monitored by countless […]

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Data Hardware

Comparing CPU, GPU, and DPU: What’s the Difference?

NetworkChuck was able to try out VMware vSphere on NVIDIA Bluefield DPUs. In this video, we’ll explore the insane power of these technologies through a hands-on access demo on NVIDIA LaunchPad. Learn more here: https://ntck.co/nvidialaunchpad

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