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Elon Musk Talks to CNBC About the Solar Roof

What’s amazing about Elon Musk isn’t that he takes on the big challenges, it’s that he makes money while doing it. Here he is talking to CNBC about the commercial viability of solar roof products.

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7 Ways a Trip to Mars Could Kill You

If you’ve been reading up on the latest innovations on space travel and plans to make Mars accessible, then before you sign up for the trip, make sure you know the risks. No one ever said being a pioneer was easy or safe.

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A Closer Look at SpaceX’s Plan for Colonizing Mars

Elon Musk a speech on his Mars colonization plans in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he detailed his plan to set up a self-sustaining colony of 1 million people on Mars. Given the events of 2016, I doubt Mr. Musk will have any trouble finding volunteers to leave the planet.