Natural Language Processing

Discovering Inspirational Insights in Motivational Sports Speeches Using Data Science

PyData presents this talk on Discovering Inspirational Insights in Motivational Sports Speeches Using Data Science. nspirational sports speeches have motivated and reinvigorated folks for years. Whether you’re a developer or an athlete, they’ve withstood the journey because even the smartest, the bravest, and the most resilient need some encouragement on occasion. During our time together, […]

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Red Hat

How Boston University elevates learning with Red Hat OpenShift

In this video is from OpenShift, Jonathan Appavoo, Associate Professor at Boston University, explains how he built an innovative, containerized lecture/lab education environment to teach the basics of computer science using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS and Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. Jonathan uses this containerized cloud services platform on AWS to provide a scalable, […]

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing

4 Ways Chat GPT Can Improve Your Everyday Life

This video discusses some practical ways on how to use Chat GPT by Open AI to improve your everyday life. E-Mail writing, summarizing long articles or even finding synonyms.

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Philosophy Fridays

The Philsophy of Baruch Spinoza

Today is Friday and that means it’s time for a little philosophy. This week it’s Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza tried to replace the bible with a scientifically-based ethical system. He succeeded in theory – but not in practice.

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Big Data Video Production

VFX Artist Reveals the TRUE Scale of Data!

Two of my favorite things in one video: VFX and Data Visualization. Wren uses VFX to explain the progression of Data storage over the ages as well as all of the Data that is stored on the entire planet.

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Python Quantum Computing

Grover’s Quantum Search for Data Science and Why should we Care

Tigran Sedrakyan on Grover’s Quantum Search for Data Science and Why should we Care Among the most prominent achievements of the quantum computing field is an algorithm known as Grover’s quantum search. This talk focuses on Grover’s algorithm and its applications to machine learning routines. Prior knowledge required is a basic understanding of linear algebra and […]

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Career Data Driven

Himanish Goel on Education, Starting a Career, & More

In this episode of Data Driven, Andy and I interview Himanish Goel, Technical Architecture Delivery Analyst at Accenture and recent graduate of VCU in Richmond, Virginia. It’s a wide ranging discussion covering the transition from being a student to entering the professional workforce, podcasting, and thoughts on the current state of the school system in the […]

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Developer Interesting Virtual Reality

The Shift to Gamification in Education and What It Means for Web Developers

The Following is a guest post by Ainsely Lawrence Education has gone through a technological revolution in the last few years. This is largely due to the increased demand for remote learning. The need for remote learning has promoted rapid growth in EdTech as teachers and school boards have been forced to rethink their lesson […]

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