Why This 3D-Printed House Will Change The World

The impact of this 3D-printing breakthrough for construction and for the buildings we all use could be huge. The B1M explores.

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Quantum Computing

Will Quantum Computing Change the World?

Vern Brownell, CEO, D-Wave Systems, takes the stage to talk about the change that Quantum computing will make in the world, and it will be the complementary to A.I. and machine learning.#WorldGovSummit “Quantum computing addresses possibilities that are incomprehensible with the most sophisticated supercomputers of today”

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Drones for Good

If my previous post had you wondering about how drones can be put to work to help people, then check out this video from BBC Click covering the Drones for Good competition in Dubai.

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AI Robotics

Can Dubai Use Robots to Police?

Robocop was a classic 80s action movie and now, it seems somewhat prophetic. BBC Click takes a closer look.

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