MEGA 65 Unboxing, History & Teardown!

A video over 40 years in the making! Explore the history of the Commodore 65, back as the MEGA 65, unbox it & do a mega teardown with the microscope!

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Generative AI

This AI Creates Dogs From Cats

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “StarGAN v2: Diverse Image Synthesis for Multiple Domains” Code: Youtube Video:

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New AI dog trainer uses computer vision and a treat launcher
Computer Vision TensorFlow

New AI Dog Trainer Uses Computer Vision and a Treat Launcher

If dogs are man’s best friend, then what does it say about the future when AI can train dogs. All jokes aside, this is a creative use of computer vision. Computer vision is key to how the machine works, detecting a dog’s comportment in real time to tune its delivery of rewards to reinforce desired […]

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AI Generative AI

AI Image Translation

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Few-Shot Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation” Demo the technology at

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