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AI on the Rise: Innovations, Debates, and the Future of Tech

This video from FranksWorldTV‘s newest show. Sources OpenAI expands its custom model training program: DataStax acquires the startup behind low-code AI builder Langflow: secures $70M funding to introduce a multimodal GenAI chip: Debate on AI regulation heats up: Meta brings generative AI to ads:

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GPT-4 is Now in Bing (The Next ChatGPT)

Matt Wolfe covers the latest happening in the new “AI Wars.” Microsoft just announced GPT-4 is now in Bing, just a day after Google announced that it’s launching Bard.

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Coca-Cola Company Uses TensorFlow for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Laurence Moroney sits down with Patrick Brandt, who is part of the Marketing Operations team at Coca-Cola North America. Learn about how TensorFlow was used to run one of Coca-Cola’s biggest digital marketing campaigns, which involved image classification using deep neural networks for coca-cola bottle caps.

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