Game developer, Lana Lux, uses PlayFab, GitHub, and Visual Studio to create apocalyptic game STRAIN

In the development of her new game, STRAIN, Lana Lux relies on Azure to create her apocalyptic survival game based in Toronto. Apocalyptic themed games used to be a favorite of mine, but they are too much like current events these days for me to enjoy. 😉 With PlayFab, GitHub, and Visual Studio, Lana can […]

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Azure SQL Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2022: Built-in Query Intelligence [Ep. 3] | Data Exposed

In this episode of Data Exposed with Anna Hoffman and Bob Ward, take advantage of performance and availability for faster queries and to help ensure business continuity. Accelerate query performance and tuning with no code changes required with new Intelligent Query Processing scenarios and Query Store enhancements.

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How to Design a mission-critical workload on Azure

In this video from Microsoft Developer, David Blank-Edelman is joined by Sebastian Bader and Martin Simecek from Microsoft Azure for a deep dive on how to get started designing, deploying, and monitoring mission critical applications, including a look at reference architectures and explanation of some of the terminology.

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Azure Open Source Python

How the Pandas project uses Azure Pipelines

Jeff Reback, core developer on the open-source pandas data science library for Python, explains how GitHub and Azure Pipelines make it easy for the project’s large volunteer developer base to contribute.

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Self taught developer levels the playing field for people with disabilities

To make it easier to play video games with his special needs brother, Alex Dunn created a controller that uses voice and facial cues to help people with physical challenges get back in the game. His Enabled Play Controller makes technology more accessible and personalized for everyone.

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Power Apps

Power Platform CLI Exposed: Power Pages

In the this video, Nick Doelman joins Daniel to show us all about the paportal command group, which enables you to work with Power Pages.

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Microsoft Power Apps

Power Platform CLI Exposed: Solutions

In this second video of a 12-part series from Microsoft Developer on the Power Platform Command Line Interface,

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Azure SQL

Azure SQL VM: Azure Backup & restore for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines

In the next episode in the Azure SQL VM series, join Anna Hoffman, Logan Carrington, and Kartik Pullabhotla as they discuss various options for Azure Backup and restore on SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

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Power Apps

Azure App Modernization with Power Apps

In this session April Dunnam is joined by Jim Dugan to discuss how to leverage the Power Platform to modernize mainframe development.

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AI Microsoft Power Apps

AI Builder | A World of AI at Your Fingertips

Rob and Albert welcome Ashish Bhatia to talk about AI Builder. AI has transformed the way we process data, making mundane tasks a thing of the past. Processing documents at scale has been made easier, intelligent and automated with IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and the power of AI Builder! Come check out how this pre-built […]

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