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What’s new in SSMS 20 and what’s next in version 21

In this video, review the major changes in SSMS 20, and talk about the roadmap and next release.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

What are the recommended steps to update or refresh source data for RAG?

Microsoft Developer explores the steps to update source data for RAG implementations.

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Microsoft Build Preview: .NET

In this episode of Microsoft Build Unplugged, James Montemagno, Principal Manager, Tech and Safia, Senior Software Engineer, share a peek at what’s coming.

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Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Keynote

Kirill Gavrylyuk delivers the Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Keynote

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Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024

Join us the 4th annual Azure Cosmos DB Conf, a free virtual developer event co-hosted by Microsoft and the Azure Cosmos DB community. Tune in to learn why Azure Cosmos DB is the leading database for the era of AI and modern app development. Dive into a dynamic mix of sessions from Microsoft and community […]

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Introduction to the Azure Developer CLI (AZD)

This video is from Microsoft Developer. Join Liam Hampton (Senior Cloud Advocate) as he chats with  the Product Manager of Azure Developer CLI and they delve into the innovative world of the Azure Developer CLI (azd). Discover what azd is, how it works and how it’s revolutionizing the way developers interact with Azure resources and […]

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AI Large Language Models

Building and Augmenting – Augment LLM Capabilities with RAG

In the 2nd tutorial, begin building and augmenting in Azure AI Studio. We’ll walk through how to develop prompt flows, develop RAG patterns, use Azure AI Search, and fine-tune LLM models.

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How to Build AI ready applications

In this session, explore the development of AI-ready applications using Azure SQL DB, open-source platforms, and Azure AI services. We’ll cover the principles of modern application design and demonstrate how to interact with your data conversationally. This session is a must for those looking to leverage Azure for building intelligent, data-driven applications.

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Azure Azure SQL Containers

How to monitor the performance of your on-prem & multi-cloud SQL Servers w/ Azure Arc | Data Exposed

Learn how to use Azure Arc to monitor key performance metrics for your SQL Servers located in your data center, at the edge, or even in other public clouds.

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Fluent UI React Trainings: Styling best practices and icons

This tutorial covers two distinct topics. The first topic goes through some of the best practices of using the Griffel CSS-in-JS with or without Fluent UI components. We will learn about common development patterns when using Griffel and the best way to implement them. The second topic is a more advanced deep-dive into the different […]

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