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Quorum Analytics Announces Partnership with Leidos

I found this story on Technical.ly DC. Political data startup Quorum Analytics announced on Monday that it has partnered with Leidos, a leading Capitol Hill IT vendor, to increase its presence in the offices of our legislators here in D.C. and around the country. Here’s the Tweet announcing the partnership:...


Startups DCTech VCs and Investors are Watching in 2017

DC Inno asked a few of the leading VCs and investors of the DCTech scene for their thoughts on which startups to watch this year. While there’s no one specific industry they have their eyes trained on, Cybersecurity will continue to be a big deal.  Interestingly, a few named fast-casual...


6 Startups That Were Picked for AccelerateBaltimore’s 2017 Cohort

Technical.ly Baltimore has an article spotlighting the six startups chosen for AccelerateBaltimore’s 2017 cohort. Here’s a quick list of the startups: Arbit a social media app that lets athletes and celebrities offer photo polls to users. Barttron Makers of Chord, a smart collar for pets that helps training through positive...


DCTech Minute Live

Not too long ago there was a video program that talked about the events of the #DCTech startup scene (almost) daily with cute animations. What if the series had a gritty reboot, this time with live streaming video from the Frank’s World TV studios?


What Does DC Tech Want to be Known For?

Recently, I had the chance to participate in a roundtable event of #DCTech influencers hosted by Technically.DC. We had a great discussion about what makes the DC tech scene different than that of, say Silicon Valley. From the article, D.C. is not Silicon Valley. Despite the fact that a number...