Data Driven

Catching up with Marck Vaisman

In this DataPoint, I talk with Marck Vaisman, fellow Cloud Solution Architect from DC, about data, the R community in DC, and that “aha moment.” Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at DataDriven.tv.

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Autonomous Vehicles Future

The Past and Future of Airborne Commuting

I live in Maryland, near DC, and, from time to time, you will hear me talk about “spending quality time” on the beltway to get to Northern Virginia. The most irritating part is not the bumper to bumper traffic, it’s the fact that I actually live quite close to NoVA as the crow flies. It’s […]

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Alexa AWS

Alexa Dev Day DC Report

Today was the DC stop of the Alexa Dev Day tour and it was great! Here’s a quick live stream I did for Frank’s World TV reporting on the event. And here’s a sample of the presentation showing off some of Alexa’s special effects. If you’re not able to make one of these events, then […]

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