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Why can’t I use Microsoft Fabric?

You’ve heard about all the great things with Microsoft Fabric, but you don’t see it in the portal. You only see the Power BI items and no persona switcher. What’s going on? Adam from Guy in a Cube shows you to enable Fabric for your tenant.

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dbt Projects Integration in Databricks Workflows

In this video, Olya from Databricks reviews how to automate dbt tasks, integrate project into larger workflows, and monitor dbt transformation.

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AWS Data Warehouse

How to Build a Data Warehouse with Zero Infrastructure Management- AWS Analytics in 15

Amazon Redshift Serverless enables you to get started in seconds and run analytics workloads at scale without worrying about infrastructure management. Join this session to learn how to launch a serverless data warehouse and start running high performant analytics workloads. Learning Objectives: * Objective 1: See how to launch Amazon Redshift Serverless in just a […]

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Big Data Databricks

dbt Core and the Lakehouse

From Databricks‘ YouTube channel Previously, Olya walked through how the dbt-Databricks adapter enables Data Analysts to build, test, and deploy data models on Delta Lake. Additionally, Databricks can also connect to open-source dbt Core to run dbt Core projects as a task in a Databricks job. This allows you to automate your dbt tasks, include […]

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Big Data Data

How to Use Behavioral Data To Gain Deep Insights Into Your Customer Base

The opportunities for organizations to use behavioral data to gain deep insights into their customer base have increased exponentially in the last few years. In this “Data Cloud Now” interview, host Ryan Green chats with Yali Sassoon, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Office of Snowplow Analytics, about what those new opportunities are and the role that […]

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