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Learn Data Science in 2023 with Simplilearn’s Bootcamp for Beginners

Welcome to Simplilearn ultimate “Data Science Bootcamp 2023”. In this “Data Science Bootcamp for Beginners” by Simplilearn you will learn about the various factors of data science, including data science basics and the top 5 data science libraries. In this comprehensive Bootcamp, we’ll cover some of the algorithms like decision trees, random forests, and KNN. […]

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Statistics and Probability for Data Science

A lot of people ask me about breaking into the fields of AI and data science. Many are surprised to hear that the core of it all revolves around statistics more so than “just code.” This session on Statistics And Probability will cover all the fundamentals of stats and probability. Topics Covered : 00:00:00 Introduction […]

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Logistic Regression in Python

This Edureka Video on Logistic Regression in Python will give you basic understanding of Logistic Regression Machine Learning Algorithm with examples. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:31 Agenda 01:13 What is Regression 03:25 Logistic Regression- What and Why 04:10 Why not Linear Regression 05:18 Logistic Regression curve 06:57 Logistic Regression Equation 08:49 Linear vs Logistic Regression […]

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11 Hours Full Data Science with Python Beginners Course

Great Learning has posted this 11 hour full course on Data Science with Python for Beginners course. Index: Statistics vs Machine Learning – 2:15 Types of Statistics – 8:55 Types of Data – 1:50:35 Correlation – 2:45:50 Covariance – 2:52:23 Basics of Python – 4:24:36 Python Data Structures – 4:43:58 Flow Control Statements in Python […]

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