Take continuous backup of your data from all regions data is replicated in, and restore your database to any point in time over the past 30 days.

This capability is available on the Azure Cosmos DB Core (SQL) API, and API for MongoDB.

Continuous backup is an alternative to the default periodic backup option and offers even more security for your data. It can be enabled and managed using Azure portal, PowerShell, or CLI (command line interface).

Based in Germany, Munich Reinsurance Company (Munich Re) is one of the top providers of reinsurance, primary insurance, and insurance-related risk solutions in the world with a vast client base and a 140-year history.

The company chose Azure Cosmos DB as the database to power MIRA Digital Suite, a newly-built cloud-native digital insurance applications and claims platform.

Now, Munich Re has cut claims management times in half, reduced the workload of underwriters and physicians, and provided valuable new insights to each of its clients.

Read the full story: https://customers.microsoft.com/story/836291-munich-re-insurance-azure-cosmos-db

In this video Chris Seferlis gives an overview of Azure Synapse Link, a newer feature of the Synapse Analytics Suite of tools.

Find out why this feature is important, the way it moves Operational Data to Analytical Data, and what you can then do with it.

More details about the service and some great tutorials can be found here:

In this session from Ignite 2020, learn how you can build real time BI dashboards with deep granularity using Azure Synapse and Azure Cosmos DB.

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