Donald Knuth on Algorithms, Complexity, Life, and The Art of Computer Programming

Donald Knuth is one of the greatest and most impactful computer scientists and mathematicians ever. He is the recipient in 1974 of the Turing Award, considered the Nobel Prize of computing. He is the author of the multi-volume work, the magnum opus, The Art of Computer Programming. He made several key contributions to the rigorous […]

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AI Podcasts

Melanie Mitchell on Concepts, Analogies, Common Sense & Future of AI

Lex Fridman interviews Melanie Mitchell in the latest edition of his AI Podicast. Melanie Mitchell is a professor of computer science at Portland State University and an external professor at Santa Fe Institute. She has worked on and written about artificial intelligence from fascinating perspectives including adaptive complex systems, genetic algorithms, and the Copycat cognitive […]

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