FinTech Red Hat

Forge a new path for your consumer bank with Red Hat

Banking is undergoing a generational change that is straining even the most nimble organizations. Red Hat’s cloud technology and our partners can help your consumer bank be more adaptive and cost effective and give your data and digital infrastructure a leg up on your competition. Learn more at

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AWS Quantum Computing

Curious about quantum computing?

Dr. John Preskill is a pioneer in the field of quantum computing, and in this video he joins Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of, as they discuss the current state of quantum computing.

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What is Kubernetes?

In this video, find out what kubernetes is in an easy to understand manner so that everyone can understand it. After this video you will have full what why and of kubernetes.

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Red Hat

Ask an OpenShift Admin: Edge Validated Patterns

What is an edge validated pattern, and how can it simplify your deployment experience? This episode looks at Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns and some of the detailed deployments created for different edge use cases. These pre-defined edge computing configurations can simplify the deployment experience, use automation to create a lifecycle that ensures they continue […]

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Manage Nested Organizational Units in AWS Control Tower

In this video, learn how to manage nested organizational units (OUs) in AWS Control Tower. With this capability, you can create nested OUs within your organization, register nested OUs with Control Tower, and enroll multiple accounts under each nested OU to simplify governance.

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Big Data Data

Cloud 3.0: Is a New Cloud Ecosystem Forming Right Before Our Eyes?

It’s a new year and you know what that means: new buzzwords in technology driven by the hype machine! This year (so far), the hot ticket is Web 3.0. Web 3.0 or Cloud 3.0? This article is not going to sing the praises of Web 3.0 or tear it down. I will let the marketing geniuses […]

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Why Did We Move Software Infrastructure to the Cloud?

What does it mean to have an application in the cloud? Why we do put services in the cloud? Did the cloud solve all of our infrastructure problems? All these questions and more are answered in this week’s video.

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Full Course

Azure Synapse Analytics (ASA) is changing the way we work with data services in Azure. The ASA workspace combines the core technologies required for data warehousing, Big Data Analytics and Data Science. In this Learn with the Nerds event, Mitchell Pearson will teach you how you can use Synapse Analytics to solve the paradox of […]

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AWS Low Code

Intro to AWS Amplify Studio

AWS Amplify Studio is a visual development environment that lets developers easily build and ship complete web and mobile apps in hours instead of weeks. Amplify Studio exports all UI and infrastructure artifacts as code, so you can maintain full control over your app design and behavior. Ship faster and scale smoothly—with no cloud or […]

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