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SQL tools for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

Sanjay Nagamangalam is a Principal PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on the tooling aspect for SQL Server. In this video interview, he talks about all the tooling being done for the different platforms.


Unity Navigation

This is part 2 of an ongoing series on Channel9 about Unity Game development.  (Watch Part 1) Check it out!


SOLID Design Patterns

Robert Green talks with Phil Japikse about design patterns. Software design patterns predate the MVC Framework’s rise to game. Phil starts with a review of Robert C. Martin’s (aka Uncle Bob) SOLID macronym. After building the proper foundation, he describes several design patterns, their C# implementation and when/how they should...


Last Year On Channel 9: 2016

Here’s a look back at what happened on Channel 9 the past year. It’s definitely not a complete retrospective, as it’s missing the Maker Show and FWTV on 9. Fun fact:  my Weimaraner was the first dog on Channel 9 to have a speaking role. Watch now.



If you’ve seen Napoleon Dynamite, then you’ll get a kick out of this video on Channel9 about ManifoldJS. Jeff Burtoft sure has some sweet moves.


Decoding Brainwaves with Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning Month Day 4 I had the good fortune to meet Charis Loveland at the Machine Learning, Analytics, & Data Science Conference in Redmond, WA. Charis manages the team behind the Decoding Brain Signals machine learning contest and she was kind enough to join me on FWTV on 9.


Fun with Facial Detection

Building on what Jennifer Marsman and Anna Roth talked about on FWTV on 9 yesterday, Mike Taulty and Andrew Spooner take a deeper look into the facial recognition APIs in the latest episode of Context.