Azure Synapse CosmosDB

Azure Cosmos DB analytical store Change Data Capture

Revin talks about the new Change Data Capture (CDC) capability in Azure Cosmos DB analytical store and walks through a simple demo. Build a Change Data Capture process in Azure Cosmos DB without writing code in minutes! CDC feature, available in public preview, allows you to efficiently consume a continuous and incremental feed of changed […]

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Covid Pandemic Science

How COVID-19 is Tracked via Sewage

Sewers were one of the earliest and most impactful advents of public health in urban areas, and it’s exciting that we’re still finding new ways to use them to that end.

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Azure SQL

Track and Record Data Changes with Change Data Capture (CDC) in Azure SQL

Change data capture (CDC) records insert, update, and delete activity that applies to tables in SQL Server, Azure SQL Managed Instance or Azure SQL Databases. In this Data Exposed episode with Mara-Florina Steiu, we will cover common use cases and scenarios for CDC, discuss key technical implementation details, and try out a CDC demo.      Resources: […]

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Databricks Delta Change Feed

Advancing Analytics’ Simon Whitely explores the Databricks Change Feed enables CDC, or Change Data Capture, in the spark environment. Keeping track of changed records can be a hugely inefficient exercise, comparing masses of records to determine which ones have been changed by upstream events. With the delta table change feed, we can keep an efficient […]

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Azure Bioinformatics Covid Pandemic

Public Health Monitoring for Modern Data Platform

Erik Roll from BlueGranite steps through the current 2020 health outlook and environmental factors that impact organizational data. How is your data estate impacted, and how can the modern data platform in Azure be used to aid organizations considering current events?

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Covid Pandemic Interesting

What’s Inside 3M N95 Respirator Masks?

There’s a lot of talk about making masks to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus in the midst of a shortage of N-95 masks. But what’s so special about them? electronicsNmore takes a peak inside a 3M type N95 respirator mask that makes it such a successful filter for all types of particulate matter such […]

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Computer Vision IoT

Finding parking spots with Custom Vision and IoT

As developers, we have the ability to use machine learning to our applications to create very unique experiences and solve difficult problems for our customers. In this video, Martina and Bruno Capuano sit with Scott to show us how we can use Custom Vision and IoT devices to recognize objects in the real world. This […]

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