Build 2019

Developer Microsoft

Build 2019 Session Downloader

Sure, Build 2019 may be over, but the videos are available online to stream anytime. What if you wanted to watch the videos offline, look at all the slide decks, or simply set up a playlist and binge watch? Sure you could download each file manually or use the bulk downloader PowerShell script Microsoft provides.  […]

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Big Data CosmosDB Spark

Real-time Analytics with Azure Cosmos DB and Apache Spark

In this session from Build 2019, learn how to use the new Spark API feature integration that allows Spark to fully take advantage of Cosmos DB to run real-time analytics directly on petabytes of operational data.

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AI Alexa

Designing for Speech

Here’s a great talk from Build 2019 about the importance of design in creating Voice and chat virtual assistants. Designing a natural language interface can be difficult, is the interface supposed to be able to interpret every single nuance of speech? and how about slang? Or should we aim more towards forced language and make […]

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AI Azure

Azure AI Overview

Seth Juarez sits down for a conversation with Eric Boyd, CVP AI Platform, to discuss the top news from the world of Azure AI at Build 2019.

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AI Natural Language Processing

Using Azure Conversational AI to Scale Your Business

In this session from Build 2019, get introduced to new features in Language Understanding (LUIS) and QnA Maker, that simplify creating intelligent NLP models without any prior AI experience. Gain insights on tips & best practices to make your bot truly intelligent, conversational and personal.

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Azure IoT

IoT at Microsoft Build 2019

If you missed the Microsoft Build event or couldn’t get to the IoT booth, here is a little walk-through showing some of the demos that were showcased. Catch up on all that happened during MS Build for IoT: Try Azure IoT for free today:

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Natural Language Processing

Create a Bot in Minutes with the QnA Maker Cognitive Service

Here’s a great segment from Build 2019 on the recent updates to the QnA Maker Service.

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Mark Russinovich on Azure Data Center Architecture

Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO, shows how Microsoft Azure enables intelligent, modern and innovative applications at scale in the cloud, on-premises and on the edge. Mark takes you on a tour of Azure’s datacenter architecture and implementation innovations, describing everything from Azure’s global infrastructure, to how we enable large-scale enterprise scenarios on both cloud and edge, […]

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Azure Data

Migrating Your Applications Data and Infrastructure to Azure

Here’s a great session from Build 2019 about migrating your applications data and infrastructure to Azure.

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Azure Python

Building Python Web Applications with Visual Studio Code Docker and Azure

Python is a powerful stack running many websites that you know and love, but it can be difficult to get your development environment running smoothly, especially when using technologies like Docker. In this session from Build 2019, learn how to set up the ultimate containerized Python development environment in Visual Studio Code, deploy your application […]

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