Build 2020 starts today and here’s a special Build edition of the AI Show that covers the Bot Framework Composer.

Bot Framework Composer is an open source, integrated bot development environment available as a cross platform application on GitHub.

Bot Framework Composer provides a one stop shop environment that seamlessly integrates several key aspects of building a conversational application including language understanding, dialog modeling, language generation, memory management, and integration with external resources.

In this session, you will learn about advanced understanding and language generation capabilities offered by Bot Framework Composer. The following language understanding topics are covered in this session – flexible slot filling, interruption handling, handling local intents, confirmation & correction experience for language understanding.

You will also learn about building bots with advanced language generation capabilities including conditional response generation, media/ card generation with data binding. Introducing Bot Framework Composer is a recommended prerequisite for this session.

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Microsoft has teams distributed across the world that are helping our customers solve problems that are very unique to their business and their communities.

Here’s an interesting conversation from the Caribbean Developer Conference.

While we were in the Dominican Republic, we sat down with Cloud Solution Architect Mabel Gerónimo from the local Microsoft office to talk about how they’re combining tools like Bot Framework, Power BI, and cognitive services to solve interesting business problems in the country.

Time Index:

  • [01:13] – The value of Bot framework
  • [02:03] – Power BI Desktop
  • [03:10] – Using QnA maker to interact with bots
  • [04:52] – Triggering the bot

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In this final part of the series of Bot Framework focused episodes, take a look at how you can surface your bot in even more places, by extending the long list of options available within Azure Bot Service, using custom adapters. 

Custom adapters, in the Bot Framework SDK and from the Bot Framework Community, exist today that allow you to build a bot for platforms like WeChat, Alexa, Google Assistant, Twitter and more. This episode will show you how easy it is to hook up a custom adapter to your bot and how easy it is to get started.     

Time Index:

  • [00:30] – What are Bot Framework Channels
  • [02:00] – What are custom adapters?
  • [05:00] – Using a custom adapter in a bot.
  • [06:20] – Demo communicating with a bot from Alexa Skill Console
  • [08:30] – Getting started with Microsoft Docs and Bot Builder Community

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In part 2 of a 3 part series, focused on the Bot Framework, this episode looks at how you can use the telemetry capture capabilities built into the Bot Framework to analyze your bots usage and gain actionable insights by exploring data such as user / conversation trends, channel breakdown and dialog completion vs abandonment.

We discuss why bot analytics are crucial, take a look at how easy it is to enable telemetry capture within your bot and how to drill into your data using Azure and Power BI.


  • [00:40] – Discussion about why bot analytics are important
  • [02:15] – Demo showing how telemetry is wired up within a .NET Core sample bot
  • [04:40] – Viewing telemetry captured during a debug session within Visual Studio
  • [06:40] – Analyzing your telemetry within Application Insights in Azure and creating a dashboard
  • [10:20] – Open source Power BI dashboard for advanced bot analytics

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The Bot Framework Composer is an integrated development tool for developers and multi-disciplinary teams to build bots and conversational experiences with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

In this episode of AI show, Seth Juarez is joined by Vishwac Sena Kannan, Program Manager for Bot Framework to introduce and demo Bot Framework Composer. Visit to get started.

[00:47] – Introduction and overview
[01:45] – Demo – Creating a new bot with Bot Framework Composer
[02:25] – Walkthrough – local bot runtime
[03:30] – Demo – triggers, actions
[05:06] – Language generation integration
[06:08] – Sample bot with Language understanding (LUIS)
[09:00] – Handling interruptions
[11:10] – Wrap up

Azure 4 Everyone explains how to use the Azure Bot Service and Bot Frameworkto build, test, deploy, and manage intelligent bots all in one place.

Next steps for you after watching the video
1. Azure Bot Service documentation
2. Adding AI to chatbot with LUIS

Learn about the General Availability release of Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service, the two top-notch AI services to create amazing conversational AI experiences.

Find out how to get started easily with Azure Bot Service to create a bot using out of box templates such as the Language Understanding template, and reach your audience with multiple supported channels.


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