SQL Server started as a departmental database engine. It is now a modern data platform and a force in the industry.

In this episode of Data Exposed with Bob Ward, learn how Microsoft is innovating SQL Server from IOT edge devices to your data center to the Azure cloud.

Are you interested in learning how to translate your existing SQL Server expertise to Azure SQL?

In this episode, Bob Ward, Anna Hoffman, and Marisa Brasile announce all-new content on YouTube, Github, and Microsoft Learn to help you become an Azure SQL professional.

To support you as you learn, you can join Bob & Anna in four-day series of live sessions: aka.ms/azuresqlbootcamp

Start learning Azure SQL today:

Microsoft Mechanics has SQL Server guru and recent Data Driven guest, Bob Ward on to talk about Azure Migrate.

Running SQL Server on-premises and looking to move to Azure? Review your best options for assessment and migration. Bob Ward, SQL Server database expert and engineering lead, joins host Jeremy Chapman to walk through different migration options for moving your SQL Databases into the cloud, and then shows how to perform a migration end-to-end.