Introduction to DevOps | DevOps Tools & Tutorials for Beginners | Edureka Rewind

This video is from edureka! and covers the basics of DevOps.

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Algorithms Explained for Beginners

Algorithm is an often used word these days, but how many people know exactly what it means? Why do we even care about algorithms? Why do tech companies base their coding interviews on algorithms and data structures? Why are algorithms such an integral part of computer science? This video provides a WHY of algorithms and […]

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Binary Explained in 01100100 Seconds

Binary is a base-2 numbering system and the final language used by computer hardware. Programmers don’t write binary code directly, but it’s import to understand how a machine uses transistors to organize billions of bits to represent data.

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Data Visualization

How to Build Excel Interactive Dashboards

In this step-by-step tutorial by Kevin Stratvert, learn how to create dynamic and interactive Excel dashboards. With a dashboard, you can showcase the most important information and key performance indicators (KPIs) that your organization cares about. Best of all, you only need is out of the box Microsoft Excel – no plug-ins, etc.

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