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Raspberry Pi 4 Alternatives: Five ARM Contenders

ExplainingComputers shows us five low-cost ARM SBC review, including the Banana Pi M5, VIM1s, Odroid C4, Rock 3A, and the Orange Pi 5 4GB. All of these boards have their own, full ExplainingComputers review video as follows:

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IoT Maker

Review of the Banana Pi M5: ARM SBC with eMMC

ExplainingComputers reviews the Banana Pi M5 single board computer, including demos running Android and Ubuntu MATE 20.10.

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IoT Raspberry Pi

Banana Pi M2 Zero: Low-Cost, Quad Core SBC

ExplainingComputers  reviews the Banana Pi M2 Zero, including comparisons with the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi 3A+, demos in Armbian and Raspbian, and Sysbench test of all three boards.

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