Azure Synapse Spark

Azure Synapse CosmosDB

Overview of Azure Synapse Link featuring CosmosDB

In this video Chris Seferlis gives an overview of Azure Synapse Link, a newer feature of the Synapse Analytics Suite of tools. Find out why this feature is important, the way it moves Operational Data to Analytical Data, and what you can then do with it. More details about the service and some great tutorials […]

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Azure Synapse

Getting started with Spark Pools in Azure Synapse

Chris Seferlis introduce us to the newly added Apache Spark Pools in Azure Synapse Analytics for Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data Processing needs. From the description: I give an overview of what Spark is, and where it came from; why the Synapse Team added it to the suite of offering, and some sample workloads […]

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Azure Azure Synapse Databricks

Comparing Azure Synapse, Snowflake and Databricks for Common Data Workloads

In this video, Chris Seferlis describes some of the most common data workloads that are being deployed on Azure and which of the 3 major compute engines are best for each workload.

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