Azure ML

Azure Machine Learning

Azure ML Workspace: Harmony of No-code and Developer Experience

Azure ML workspace is a multi-user environment for the aim of machine learning. In this session, the audience will learn how to use Azure Machine learning with a no-code environment using Auto ML or drag and drop environment to create a customized machine learning solution. And finally, how to use python inside Azure ML notebook […]

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High Level MLOps from Microsoft Data Scientists

On this episode of the AI Show, Seth welcomes Microsoft Data Scientists, Spyros Marketos, Davide Fornelli and Samarendra Panda. They will give a high-level intro into MLOps and share some of the lessons they’ve learned working with customers along the way.

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Natural Language Processing

Ramping up your custom NLP tasks with Verseagility

On this episode of the AI Show, Timm Walz joins Seth to talk about how ramping up your custom NLP tasks with Verseagility  will benefit your data science workflow. He’ll demonstrate how to use the toolkit in combination with Azure Machine Learning.

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Azure Containers Machine Learning

Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference in Azure Machine Learning

Seth welcomes Shivani Santosh Sambare to talk about Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference in Azure Machine Learning Jump to: 00:17 Show begins 00:29 Welcome Shivani 00:38 What are the challenges working with ML environments? 01:11 Solutions to ML challenges/environments = Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference 02:12 How do I make this work with other specialized […]

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Azure Databricks Machine Learning

Auto-Train a Time-Series Forecast Model With AML + ADB

Supply Chain, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance often require highly accurate forecasting models in an enterprise large-scale fashion. With Azure Machine Learning on Azure Databricks, the scale and speed to large-scale many-models can be achieved and time-to-product decreases drastically. The better-together story poses an enterprise approach to AI/ML. Azure AutoML offers an elegant solution efficiently to […]

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AI Azure DevOps MLOps

Setup Azure Machine Learning Services (Azure MLOps Part 2)

Sascha Dittmann has created a series of videos I’m showing how to get started with DevOps for Machine Learning (MLOps) on Microsoft Azure. In the second video of this 5-part series, you’ll discover how to connect Azure DevOps to your Azure Subscription, as well as create and configure Azure Machine Learning Services from your DevOps […]

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