Azure AI

AI Large Language Models

How does ChatGPT run on Azure? Inside Microsoft’s AI supercomputer

Get an inside look at the AI supercomputer infrastructure built to run ChatGPT and other large language models, and see how to leverage it for your workloads in Azure, at any scale. Go behind the scenes in this video is from Microsoft Mechanics: For how we collaborated with NVIDIA to deliver purpose-built AI infrastructure with […]

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AI Hardware

How to build next-gen AI services with NVIDIA AI on Azure Cloud?

Advancements in generative AI are transforming every industry. Powering the technology is NVIDIA AI, the world’s most advanced AI platform with full-stack innovation in computing, software, and AI models and services. Organizations can engage the platform at any layer on Azure Cloud. This session discusses and demonstrates how developers can utilize NVIDIA AI platform software […]

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Generative AI R

Unlock the Power of R with Azure Machine Learning and Make Enterprise GPT Real – AI Show Live

In segment 1: Marck Vaisman and Nabila Babar showcase using R with Azure Machine Learning. They’ll talk about what is possible with R today on AzureML using the CLI v2. Walk through an end-to-end example showing key tasks in the ML Lifecycle with R, including environment configuration, model development, and model deployment. Fun fact, I […]

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How to Train Hugging Face Models in Less Time

Jingya Huang joins Cassie Breviu to talk about how to use Optimum + ONNX Runtime to accelerate the training of Hugging Face models. In the demo, we will fine-tune the DeBERTa model with Trainer and show the gain by leveraging the ONNX Runtime backend.

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AI Ethics

Responsible AI Mitigations and Tracker

On this episode of the AI Show, Besmira Nushi and Marah Abdin stop by to demo two new releases as part of the Responsible AI Toolbox. The Responsible AI Mitigations library and Python library for implementing and exploring mitigations for Responsible AI. And the Responsible AI Tracker – JupyterLab extension for tracking, comparing, and validating […]

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AI Azure

The Latest from Azure Video Indexer

Learn about the latest updates to Azure Video Indexer. Azure Video Indexer is a cloud application, part of Azure Applied AI Services, built on Azure Media Services and Azure Cognitive Services (such as the Face, Translator, Computer Vision, and Speech). It enables you to extract the insights from your videos using Azure Video Indexer video […]

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NVIDIA DeepStream development with Microsoft Azure

Paul DeCarlo and Alvin Clark stop by to introduce NVIDIA DeepStream development with Microsoft Azure – a new partnership between Microsoft and NVIDIA. Learn more about creating production-ready Intelligent Video Applications that can apply optimized audio and computer vision AI models to multiple input sources using features available in the latest release of the NVIDIA […]

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High Level MLOps from Microsoft Data Scientists

On this episode of the AI Show, Seth welcomes Microsoft Data Scientists, Spyros Marketos, Davide Fornelli and Samarendra Panda. They will give a high-level intro into MLOps and share some of the lessons they’ve learned working with customers along the way.

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