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An Overview of Designing Microservices for AWS

Microservices decompose complex applications into smaller, independent services. AWS customers benefit from increased agility, simplified scalability, resiliency, and faster deployments by migrating from monolithic systems to microservices based architecture. In this session, get an overview of the benefits and challenges of microservices, and share best practices for architecting and deploying...

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Getting Started with Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact center service that makes it easy to deliver better customer experiences for less cost. The platform is based on the same technology used by Amazon customer service associates around the world. It’s quite amazing not only what can be done in the cloud,...

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What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is a simple to use, cloud-based contact center service that scales to support any size business. It offers easy, self-service configuration and enables dynamic, personal, and natural customer engagement. It’s really amazing not only what can be done in the cloud, but how even small enterprises can leverage...

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Expedia’s Automated CI/CD Platform with Github, Jenkins and Amazon ECS

Here’s a great whiteboard architecture session with Kuldeep Chowhan, principle Engineer at Expedia. He shows off how Expedia built a scalable CI/CD platform on AWS using Github, Jenkins, Amazon EC2 Container service and Lambda. With over 4,000 applications deployed through this platform, their developers can deploy a wide variety of...

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Introduction to Amazon Machine Learning

Here’s another interesting video explaining the basics of Machine Learning on AWS.  While the video is specific to AWS, the basic principles and math apply to all machine learning platforms. For a more in depth look at ML on AWS, check this video out.